The Center for Urban Development Information – International Cooperation and Consultation ( 08/10/2012 )

The Center for Urban Development Information – International Cooperation and Consultation (ICC) is an unit which belongs to Vietnam Urban Development Agency (VUDA)

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1. The Center for Urban Development Information – International Cooperation and Consultation (ICC) is an unit which belongs to Vietnam Urban Development Agency (VUDA). It has to assist the Director of VUDA in the construction and organization as well as operation of databases, to provide information on urban development; organize for scientific study, apply technical progress, technology exchange, international cooperation, train for capacity building in urban development and management field; implement consultancy activities and services related to urban development.

2. The ICC had its stamp according to the regulation form for transaction and has opened an account at the National Treasure and Bank according to designation and management distribution for accounting finance of Director of VUDA and stipulated by the law.

Duties and authorities

1. Studying, proposing, participating to build-up systems of surveying criteria, statistics for building-up national database, professional database on urban development field; assessment criteria, urban classification, assessment criteria of new urban areas.

2. Surveying, researching, collecting database, building and operating professional database operation on urban development; studying to implement and applying GIS in urban development.

3. Administrating, operating and supporting technically to information technical infrastructure system of VUDA; building, managing, operating and maintaining website activity of VUDA; implementing program for information technology application in urban development.

4. Studying scientific topics, professional projects, proposing solutions, providing information to serve building policy mechanism, directions, strategies, planning, plans, programs, projects, normative documents in urban development.

5. Assisting the Director of VUDA in implementing international cooperation in urban development; guiding, supporting localities, institutes, organizations, national enterprises to cooperate with international organizations and experts on urban development.

6. PR-activities, applying, consulting the studying results and technology exchange of scientific topics, professional projects in urban development; exploring, applying technical scientific progress, management science, advanced and modern models of the world on urban development and management.

7. Chairing or cooperating with related to organizations and institutes to jointly develop programs, to organize training courses within and outside of the country on capacity building in urban development and on urban management; training, praparing legislative documents in urban development.

8. Assisting the Director of VUDA to manage forums on urban development, organizing workshops, conferences at national and international level related to urban development.

9. Implementing consultancy activities, service on urban development, including:

a) Consulting to form urban upgrading projects; consulting to form and manage and implement programs, projects on urban development; consulting to select foreign experts regarding, projects of urban development in Vietnam;

b) Consulting to prapare regulations on urban architecture management, regulation for management of old urban areas, new urban areas, improvement urban areas;

c) Consulting, providing services to organize events, workshops, investment promotion activities on urban development; service in providing publication, documents, documentation on urban development according to regulation of the law.

10. Implementing other tasks assigned by the Minister of Construction and the Director of VUDA.          

Source: ICC

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