Proceedings of the Conference ( 01/11/2012 )

Proceedings of the Conference "Viet Nam Cities Tomorrow - Actions Today"



By the consent of the Minister of Construction / the Chairman of the Vietnam Urban Forum, on occasion of Vietnam Urban Day 8th November and the Cities Alliance Annual Meeting, the Vietnam Urban Conference 2012 is held on 30th October 2012 in Ha Noi.

In the global context with various challenges in terms of economic development and climate change adaptation, the Executive Board of Viet Nam Urban Forum, the Cities Alliance, Association of Cities in Vietnam, UN Habitat, the Academy of Managers for Construction and Cities together raise the idea of “Viet Nam Cities Tomorrow – Actions Today” for the Vietnam Urban Conference 2012.

The Proceedings of the Vietnam Urban Conference 2012 comprise a compilation of knowledge of authorities, scientists, experts, domestic and national investors based on lessons learned from successes and failures of different cities in the world. These study papers aim to contribute to the long-term orientations and short-term actions for the sustainable development of Vietnam’s cities in the future.

Numerous suggestions focus on green urban development and Eco-city models to adapt with climate change for the future of Vietnam and the world. Experiences of urban authorities at different levels play a crucial role in terms of urban development and management as they are key actors holding vital responsibilities to build and implement the above models. The conference proceeding is of high value as it combines both scientific knowledge and practical lessons to expand visions of city governance in the context of urban development and management, to ensure a comprehensive development, to deeply reflect local cultures, ecological features and society. Many authors have contributed significant comments on the competitiveness for investment attraction for urban development against the globalization and impacts of the economic market, which demands flexible development mechanisms in order to harmonize benefits between new urban areas and renewal of the existing urban fabric.

Ministry of Construction / the Executive Board of Vietnam Urban Forum does hope that the Proceedings of the Vietnam Urban Conference 2012 will provide meaningful practical experiences and valuable knowledge for the future. The Executive Board of Vietnam Urban Forum sincerely invites your feedback and cooperation for an effective development of Vietnam’s cities over the Forum via email and website address

 With our sincere thanks for your cooperation.

General Secretary of the Executive Board of Vietnam Urban Forum

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